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Legacy Elementary School

Fifth Graders Participate in AG Day Hosted by Frenship High School FFA Students

Check out the Ag Day photo album HERE

Last year Lead Agricultural Sciences Teacher Ryan Pieniazek and his team at Frenship High School started Ag Day. This year the Frenship FFA hosts the second annual Ag Day with over 800 fifth-grade students from all Frenship elementary schools in attendance.  

Ag Day was created to introduce young students to the world of Agriculture.  Everyday agriculture touches the lives of everyone, but often society fails to recognize that it is the source of all the food and fiber.  

Ag Day began with a presentation from the Southwest Dairy Museum. The Southwest Dairy Museum brought their mobile dairy classroom and taught the students about how they get their milk and milk products. The students watched with rapt attention as the presenter milked a cow before their eyes.  

After the dairy presentation, the students rotated through 6 different stations. The students learned something new about agriculture in each station. The stations included:  

  • How Plants Grow: Presented by the Lubbock County Master Gardners 
  • Corn: Presented by Haylee Young with the Texas Corn Producers 
  • Cotton: Presented by Derek Racca with Phytogen and Corteva Agriscience 
  • Grains: Presented by Frenship FFA Members,  
  • Beef: Presented by Frenship FFA Members 
  • Farm Animals: Presented by Frenship FFA Members 

The students were eagerly rotating through the stations, ever excited for the next presentation. They left Ag Day with a newfound appreciation for agriculture, memories of meeting and petting baby farm animals, and some flower seeds ready for planting.  

Pieniazek stated it is important to have an agriculturally literate society so that they understand and appreciate agriculture. 

“As a society, we are becoming less and less in touch with an agrarian lifestyle,” said Pieniazek. "At some point, the students that participate in ag day may very well vote on laws and propositions that directly affect agriculture.” 

The Frenship FFA is grateful to all guest presenters and attendees for making the second annual Ag Day a success. Pieniazek stated that his FFA students were a huge part of the success of Ag Day. They presented at some of the stations and helped organize the students.  

“We are also extremely proud of the efforts of our FFA members for their dedication to educating others about agriculture,” said Pieniazek. 

The Frenship FFA plans to continue their efforts to educate the young students at Frenship about the importance of agriculture. They look forward to next year's third annual Ag Day.

Check out the Ag Day photo album HERE