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Legacy Elementary School

Frenship ISD Celebrates CTE Month

Career and Technical Education is a curriculum that includes training to prepare students for high-wage, high-skill, and high-demand jobs. CTE programs provide students with academic knowledge, technical skills, and work-based learning experiences needed to succeed in the workplace. Through hands-on learning, CTE coursework, and lab-based learning experiences, students gain real-world experiences that will prepare them for college, careers, and life. 

Frenship ISD currently offers more than 90 CTE courses and offers 26 state-aligned programs of study. While CTE programs begin in middle and high school, the introduction to career awareness starts in elementary school. Career awareness days expose students to a variety of career options and future professions. In elementary school, CTE often involves a range of these with the purpose of fostering an early understanding of the connection between education and future careers. 

As students progress into middle school, the focus shifts to career exploration and planning. Middle school introduces more structured exploratory CTE courses, allowing students to explore different career options based on the student's interests. Students can enroll in courses such as Broadcast Media or get involved with the Robotics Club.  

In high school, CTE becomes more specialized, offering a wide variety of courses aligned with specific programs of study. Students have the opportunity to gain practical skills through internships or work-based learning and even earn industry-recognized certifications. 

The high school programs include:  

  • Agriculture: Animal Science, Plant Science, Ag Fabrication     
  • Construction Technology  
  • Plumbing  
  • Interior Design   
  • Media Production  
  • Commercial Photography  
  • Business, Accounting, and Marketing  
  • Education and Training   
  • Health Science: Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician  
  • Culinary Arts  
  • Mentor Program  
  • Computer Science   
  • Law Enforcement   
  • Engineering   
  • Robotics  
  • Automotive 

Ira Florez the Frenship ISD CTE Coordinator stated that CTE enhances the overall education of students by offering practical, hands-on learning experiences that directly apply to real-world jobs and careers. Through CTE programs, students not only gain technical skills relevant to specific careers but also develop essential soft skills, such as communication and problem-solving producing well-rounded students. The exposure to various courses within our 26 programs of study helps students make informed decisions about future career opportunities. 

Frenship’s CTE programs alignment with industry standards ensures that students are equipped with up-to-date knowledge and technical skills in high-skill, high- wage, high-demand jobs. “We help provide a seamless transition into both the workforce and postsecondary education,” said Florez. 

The use of hands-one learning is vital for CTE courses because this approach provides students with practical learning experiences that bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-world applications. 

“We prepare students for future careers by simulating authentic work environments on campus, providing students with practicum opportunities with local business and industry partners, and enhancing their overall employability skills to enter the workforce,” said Florez.  

Several programs throughout the district thrive thanks to the involvement from local industry experts. “Community involvement in CTE plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall educational experience for students,” said Florez. Frenship has CTE advisory committees for each career cluster. The committees include local businesses and industry partners, community partners, local university and college representatives, teachers, students, and parents.  

Classrooms welcome guest speakers, work with industry mentors, and work to set up internship experiences with local businesses to offer students on-the-job training. “Community engagement not only enriches our programs, but also strengthens the connection between education and the workforce,” said Florez. 

For more information about Career and Technical Education and to browse the career pathways offered at Frenship High School, CLICK HERE.