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Frenship Middle School Teacher Wins KAMC’s Celebrating Teacher Sweepstakes

Frenship Middle School Girls Athletic Coordinator Jeff Presley was nominated for last week’s KAMC and Carpet Tech Celebrating Teachers Sweepstakes. Presley has been teaching and coaching for 30 years with 5 of those years at Frenship Middle School. 

Presley feels beyond grateful to be the recipient of this award. He has a deep love for education and making an impact on students’ lives.  

“It was very gratifying to have received this award,” said Presley. “Most of the time we as teachers may not realize the impact that we are having on these kids that we have the pleasure of teaching daily, but something like this award proves that we are making a difference each and every day whether we know it or not.” 

One of his goals is to go the extra mile to affirm students and let them know that they are seen and valued. 

“I try my best on a daily basis to have a positive impact on not only my girl athletes, but to as many kids as I can in the hallways around the school, in the auditorium and while on lunch duty,” said Presley. “If that means stopping and fist bumping as many kids as I can or stopping and taking a few minutes to talk and ask how they are doing, then that's what I do.” 

Presley's favorite part about serving as the Girls Athletic Coordinator is helping develop their strengths throughout their time at Frenship Middle School.  

“Most definitely my favorite part about being a coach is seeing how much the girls grow in terms of the sport they are playing. Seeing a kid get excited to being able to finally get a serve over the net in volleyball or learning how to run an offense or play defense correctly in basketball makes the job fun for me. Each day is a new day to teach them something new and see them grow as individuals and teammates,” said Presley.  

He wants to encourage all educators to remember their “why” and create opportunities of joy amongst students.  

“Make each day a day to remember and make sure to make time for some fun with your students daily,” said Presley. 

Presley was awarded a gift certificate for a whole house floor cleaning up to a retail value of $4,000, courtesy of Carpet Tech.    

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