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Legacy Elementary School

Frenship Celebrates Red Ribbon Week to Promote Drug-Free Lifestyles

Thousands of Frenship students from Pre-K to 12th grade participated in the fun dress up days that had underlying drug free messages such as, wake up drug free and wear your pajamas or drugs are a trick not a treat, say Boo to drugs and wear your Halloween costume. The fun and memorable week of dressing up also came with lessons that focused on a range of topics from vaping and tobacco use to the dangers of taking drugs and addiction.

“The importance of hearing the message about living a drug-free lifestyle from a trusted adult is vital.  Whether that adult is a parent, guardian, church leader, or teacher, for a student to hear this message from someone they trust helps to counter any mixed messages that they may hear through other avenues such as social media,” said Frenship ISD Director of Counseling Craig Thomson. “This campaign helps to reinforce the impact that substance abuse can have on our physical and mental health while providing resources to those who may be struggling with addiction.”

New this year, House Bill 3908, known as Tucker’s Law, requires school districts to provide education on fentanyl abuse prevention and drug poisoning awareness for all students in grades 6-12. The law was named after Tucker Roe, a 19-year-old from Texas who died of a fentanyl overdoes.

Thomson says Frenship uses lessons and resources from Natural High, a drug prevention nonprofit organization, to help teach 6-12 graders about the dangers of fentanyl. Part of those lessons include videos, group discussions, and resources that parents can use to continue the conversation at home.

“My hope with Red Ribbon Week is that not only do the students learn how to live a healthy life through safe choices, but families feel the support from the schools and that it is a true community effort to protect and educate students about the risks of drug abuse,” said Thomson.

For more information on Red Ribbon Week, fentanyl awareness, and parent resources, visit our Counseling Services page by CLICKING HERE.