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Legacy Elementary School

AMBUCS Refurbishes Eight Amtrykes for Frenship ISD

About ten years ago, the Lubbock Monterey AMBUS chapter donated 15 Amtrykes to Frenship ISD. They have been used at Bennett Elementary, Legacy Elementary, Frenship Middle School, Terra Vista Middle School, and Frenship High School. 

After those students graduated or outgrew the Amtrykes, Frenship returned them to AMBUCS for tune ups and repairs for the students to utilize this school year.  

The Amtrykes were created for individuals who are unable to operate a traditional bike. There are several different models of Amtrykes designed to accommodate individuals of all ages with many different physical and/or developmental challenges.  

The Amtrykes have provided many benefits to students at Frenship. They give students a different kind of freedom that they may not otherwise have access to. Not only are they good for them physically, but also for their social engagement. 

“We use them during Adapted PE to increase strength, mobility, and coordination,” said Aaron Tomlinson, Frenship ISD Adaptive PE teacher “We also believe they provide a sense of self confidence and an exciting experience!” 

Amtrykes are available for induvial purchase, but Frenship has worked with worked with AMBUCS to help families, with financial strains, receive Amtrykes at no cost to be used at home. 

Jennifer Pierce, Director of Special Education at Frenship, expressed her gratitude for Monterey AMBUCS as they help to provide a new type of mobility for students. 

“Any time that we can give our students new opportunities to be independent, feel successful, and experience such joy. We are so thankful! We wouldn't be able to do this without the support of the Monterey Ambus and their continued generosity.”