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Legacy Elementary School

Frenship Police Department Welcomes a New Officer

The Police Department at Frenship ISD is excited to announce that Shelby Cruz will serve as an officer at Willow Bend Elementary. 

Cruz has served as an officer for 4 years, 2 years at the Brownfield Police Department and 2 years at the UMC Police Department.  

Her goal serving on the Frenship Police Department is to positively impact students.  

“Whenever I became a Police Officer, I always wanted to work in a school. I want students to have a positive outlook on policing. I want them to know that we aren’t the bad guys, we’re the good guys, we are always here to help with whatever they might need,” said Cruz.  

Officer Cruz has two daughters who attend the Ninth Grade Center and Upland Heights Elementary.  

Welcome to the department, Shelby Cruz! We are happy to have you!