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Legacy Elementary School

Ringing in Success in Mrs. West's Life Skills Class at Legacy Elementary

By Allison Robertson
LEG Doorbell
Bells are ringing in Mrs. West's Life Skills class at Legacy Elementary. Not handbells, but a doorbell! One of Mrs. West's students is visually impaired with little to no vision and is learning to respond to a doorbell that Mrs. West installed in her classroom. One of the goals for the student is to be aware and to recognize his environment by identifying sounds. 
"I thought, what better way to start and learn a good skill than with a doorbell," said Mrs. West.  "He's working on his receptive language as well," said West, "so when the doorbell chimes, he's given the prompt 'Someone is at the door. Go open it.'  Then, whoever is at the door, P.E. coach, speech therapist, etc., tells him to check his schedule and go to his next class with them." 
The other students in the classroom don't use the doorbell, as they don't need the same accommodations as their friend, but they have been supportive and encouraging of their classmate as he works to reach his goals. What a great reflection of the Frenship Way!  
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